Rebecca Carpenter



    PHOTOGRAPHY        MIXED-MEDIA COLLAGE         SCULPTURE                  

     I'm a storyteller - no matter the medium or series. I love to create with lines, shapes, colors, and textures in the literal or digital world and see how each story comes together.

     As an art teacher, and now with my camera, I love collaborating with children, teens, and adults to create unique portraits and headshots.

     As a wife and mom, teacher and traveler, ski, kayak, dive & bicycle enthusiast, I love to seek out new adventures and incorporate them into new stories.

     Images on my site include four series I'm creating: abandoned spaces; fine art figure (metamorphosis and fine art nude); landscape; vintage.

     I am a traveler - and my sketchbook and camera are always with me. Join me on those journeys and create your own stories from each image.